spectrum yachts

Spectro Yachts emerges from the incessant passion for the sea and the desire to combine the irreverence of design with the pleasure of driving a powerful boat. A 100% Portuguese brand, which concept distinguishes itself by merging disruptive lines with technology and lightness of the materials used. Spectro Yachts offers a wide range of products, allowing the user the possibility of selecting the size and motorization (electric or internal combustion), providing, from the beginning, a unique and customized experience.

From its motto Spectro Yachts: power and grace, a boat must be luxuriously comfortable and gracefully powerful.


Spectro Yachts was born due to the enthusiasm for nautical and built itself in the Composite Innovation Center of Composite Solutions, Lda. Composite Solutions (CS) was created in 2014 and the main activity is the engineering and shipbuilding project, with an history of producing recreational vessels and offshore platforms. CS already has an extensive experience in developing projects of equipment for the naval, wind and wave energy industry.

The Spectro Yachts is created in 2020, born out of the passion to create modern robust yachts in a luxury segment. Technology combined with comfort, and the fun of its speed are also key points in its reputation. Its entire segment is produced with composite materials with techniques derived from aeronautics, creating a light, robust and reliable and effective quality product.


In SP Yachts we focus on creating boats for exquisite individuals, with models ranging from 12 to 50ft. There is a unique Spectro for everyone, divided in two series: Spectro and Spectro Air.

The Spectro series is based on a hull design optimized to allow low fuel consumption, fast gliding and extreme comfort while maintaining agility. All boats in the Spectro range, both electric and internal combustion, are prepared to reach 40 knots with versions for the most demanding customers with a capacity of 50+ knots.

 The Spectro Air are sailboats with a distinct bow, totally ecological that provide the purity of interaction and involvement with nature to your navigation. These models are produced with the most advanced techniques of composite production in order to optimize stability and guarantee performance. The bet on irreverent day sailers like the SPa12 and SPa20, allow the user to enjoy the pleasures of sailing without compromising the comfort necessary for a day of adventure.

We believe in allowing the customer to experience complete freedom to choose the colors, fabrics and textures of our boats, resulting in a fully customized boat, tailored for you.